Project Description

R. Yoder Construction spearheaded a transformative project involving the renovation of the Lakeville Community Center, revitalizing an existing dilapidated building into a vibrant hub for the local Lakeville, Indiana community. The completed project now provides a versatile venue for various events and activities.

This versatile area can be adapted to meet the diverse needs of Lakeville residents, providing a dynamic space for weddings, celebrations, meetings, and other community-oriented activities.

The fully equipped kitchen facilitates food preparation and catering services, allowing the community center to host a wide array of events, including banquets, receptions, and social gatherings. The kitchen serves as a culinary hub, enhancing the functionality of the facility and ensuring a seamless experience for attendees.

An exceptional feature of the Lakeville Community Center is the unique concessions area, crafted from a silo. This innovative addition adds a distinctive touch to the facility, providing a charming space for concessions during community events. The silo concessions area further amplifies the center’s functionality and adds an element of architectural interest, contributing to the overall appeal of the facility.

Through this renovation project, R. Yoder Construction successfully transformed the Lakeville Community Center into a vibrant and versatile space that fosters community engagement and social cohesion. The renovated facility now serves as a gathering place, nurturing connections and providing a platform for residents to come together and celebrate the spirit of community.


Grand Opening Showcase


Project Completion

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