Project Description

R. Yoder Construction proudly served as the general contractor for constructing a state-of-the-art facility for Smoker Craft, Inc. This project entailed the development of a 210,000 sq. ft. facility, encompassing warehousing, production, shipping, and office spaces, to accommodate Smoker Craft’s expanding operations.

A significant challenge encountered during the project was the requirement for partial occupancy. Understanding Smoker Craft’s urgent need for operational space, our team devised an innovative approach by constructing the facility from east to west, deviating from the more conventional west-to-east progression. This strategic decision allowed Smoker Craft to gain partial occupancy promptly, enabling them to utilize the facility even before its full completion.

Another notable obstacle we overcame was the scarcity of construction materials during the project timeline. Despite the prevailing difficulties, R. Yoder Construction showcased resourcefulness by ensuring the timely delivery of thousands of pounds of concrete. This meticulous planning and coordination paved the way for durable pathways, facilitating smooth vehicular movement and transportation on the Smoker Craft grounds.

R. Yoder Construction’s commitment to professionalism and excellence was evident throughout the project. Our dedicated team successfully delivered the completed facility exactly one year after the groundbreaking, granting Smoker Craft immediate possession. This pivotal milestone provided Smoker Craft with the much-needed space to effectively cater to their growing product demand.

With the new facility, Smoker Craft stands prepared to streamline its operations, optimize productivity, and meet the ever-increasing market demand. The successful collaboration between R. Yoder Construction and Smoker Craft serves as a testament to our expertise in delivering complex projects while maintaining the highest standards of quality and client satisfaction.


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