Traditional Project Delivery

In a traditional construction process, the owner hires an architect or designer to create the project design. Then a separate contractor is selected to carry out the construction based on those plans.

Design-Build Project Delivery

However, in design-build, the owner enters into a contract with a single entity that provides both design and construction services. Design-build is a project delivery method used in construction where the building design and construction are combined into a single contract. In this approach, a single entity, often referred to as the design-builder or design-build contractor, such as R. Yoder Construction, is responsible for overseeing the entire project from start to finish.

The design-build approach offers several advantages:

1. Single point of responsibility:
With a design-build contract, the owner has a single point of contact throughout the project. This eliminates potential conflicts between the designer and the contractor and streamlines communication.

2. Improved collaboration:
Design-build encourages close collaboration between the design and construction teams from the early stages. This enables early collaboration between the design and construction teams, which can lead to more practical and cost-effective designs.

3. Faster project completion:
The overall project timeline can be reduced since design and construction tasks can overlap in design-build projects. This approach can enable fast-track construction, which can begin before the design is fully completed rather than waiting for the design to be completely approved to be able to begin construction.

4. Potential cost savings:
With the design-build approach, the design-builder takes on more responsibility, including managing subcontractors and suppliers. This integration can result in cost savings due to better coordination and positive, established relationships which can provide the ability to find innovative solutions to design challenges.

5. Reduced change orders:
By involving the construction team in the design process, design errors or discrepancies can be identified earlier, minimizing the need for costly change orders during construction. The construction team can also begin discussing project requirements with subcontractors and suppliers sooner and can identify any material or supply delays early on.

Overall, Design-Build is an incredibly effective delivery method for construction projects!

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